Weekly Horoscope: January 25, 2018 to January 31, 2018


Aries: It is going to be an amazing week for people under Aries sign. Your familial life will be peaceful and joyous. Also, you will feel more responsible towards your family. Avoid being lazy and be dedicated towards your work and focus on your goal. Work related journey is expected this week and you may have to stay away from your loved ones. Financially, this week is normal.

Taurus: Not a good week for financial matters. If you will invest on the words of others then there are chances of huge monetary loss. Married life will be good and your bond with your life partner will grow stronger. You will work very hard to achieve success. Don’t be careless about your health as it may decline during this week.

Gemini: Things will go smoothly this week. Unexpected monetary gains will improve your finances. Happiness will prevail in your personal life and you will get support of your life partner. All your plans will be successful and your success rate will also increase. Also, your memory will be good and you will be packed with energy. Be careful while driving and don’t take any risk on the road.

Cancer: Mental stress might affect your daily routine this week. So, avoid taking too much tension. There are chances of victory in a legal matter which might bring major relief to you. Problems are indicated from your father’s side. You may have a difference of opinion with him. Control your words especially when you are talking to an important person. Overspending might trouble you, so be careful.

Leo: You may feel detached and lack of contentment in your familial life because of excessive work pressure. New contracts might be lucrative but they will not give you good profit. So, don’t take decisions in haste when it comes to finance. Good time to do things to improve your health. Avoid skipping meals and do some work out in order to stay fit and fine. Misunderstandings might disturb your love life. Try to resolve all your personal issues because it might hamper your professional life.

Virgo: Investment in new ventures will beget beneficial results. This week seems promising for married couples. You may like to spend some quality time with your life partner. Avoid being workaholic and take a break from your busy schedule. Watch your words carefully especially when you are talking to your seniors at your workplace. You will actively participate in spiritual and religious tasks during this week. There are chances of poor health. So, don’t be careless.

Libra: Love relationship will strengthen this week and you are likely to get a pleasant surprise from your love partner. Chances are high of monetary gains through your life partner. But you are advised not to force your opinions on your spouse otherwise it might lead to strained relationship. Children will do well in their studies and remain fit and fine around this time. You are likely to face some difficulties in your professional life.

Scorpio: Immediate attention is needed in your married life. Try to resolve all the issues amicably and with maturity. During this week your enemies will lie low and praise you at your back for your hard work. Help and support of your father will keep you in good spirits. Also, you will earn applauds for your charitable deeds. If we talk about your love life, your inflated ego may create some issues. On financial front, new source of income is indicated.

Sagittarius: You will be able to maintain good balance between your personal and professional life. Being a responsible member of your family, you will be able perform all your duties. You are likely to plan an outing with your family to spend some good time. This week appears excellent for natives in business as huge monetary gains are on cards. Also, family business ventures will beget beneficial results. During this time, you may plan to change your job.

Capricorn: Over aggression will land you in trouble. So, be careful about your words when it comes to your important relationships. Your financial position is likely to improve this week as you may receive monetary gains through property. This week seems a bit gloomy for love matters. You are likely to have an argument with your love partner over a small issue. Students have to work really very hard to achieve success.

Aquarius: An auspicious or religious occasion might take place at your home around this week. You will feel relaxed and remain in a wonderful mood. A small work related journey is expected which might beget beneficial results. You are likely to buy a new property. At work, you will get support of your senior officials and give your best. Relationship with your partner will stay good and you will share your feelings with him/her.

Pisces: Negligence of your life partner could create some problems in your married life. Try to sort out things with maturity and understand your partner’s feelings. Take your decisions carefully especially in money related matters otherwise you may land in trouble. Avoid unnecessary haste inside or outside your house. You may get injured. Your expenses will increase and it will affect your financial situation.

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