7 foods to avoid in constipation


Constipation is a very common problem and it affects people of all ages. Irregular bowel movements, stomach cramps, gas and bloating are the symptoms of constipation. Sometimes it is simply caused by poor lifestyle. Not eating enough fibre in the diet, wrong food or not exercising enough are the main reasons of constipation.

If you want to get rid of this constipation avoid eating the below mentioned food.
1. Unripe Green Bananas
2. Chocolate
3. Red Meat
4. Crackers
5. Alcohol
6. Fried or Fast Foods
7. Chips

Unripe Green Bananas: Unripe green bananas may cause constipation because it has lot of starch which can be hard for the body to digest.

Chocolate: Avoid chocolate especially milk chocolate if you are constipated. The huge amount of fat in chocolates creates trouble. Quality dark chocolates do not create much of a problem.

Red Meat: It is better to avoid red meat like beef, ground beef, lamb, pork, venison, goat and veal because it is high in fat and iron. It has protein fibers that are tough to digest.

Crackers: Biscuits made from baking flour can cause constipation. So, avoid these biscuits if you feel constipated.

Alcohol: Apart from constipation, alcohol can cause nausea and headache because it is dehydrating. If you are regularly feeling constipated, then avoid alcohol or drink plenty of water when you consume alcohol.

Fried or Fast Foods: Fried and Fast foods not only causes constipation but also many other health issues. Avoid them completely if you suffer from constipation regularly.

Chips: Chips arte fried and high in sodium. So avoid consuming too much of chips if you want to get rid of constipation.

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