Akshay Kumar postpones release of ‘PaDman’ to avoid clash with ‘Padmaavat’


Mumbai: Superstar Akshay Kumar on Thursday confirmed that the release of his upcoming movie ‘PaDman’ has been postponed to avoid clash with Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s ‘Padmaavat’.

After long battle, Bhansali’s magnum opus ‘Padmaavat’ will hit the big screens on January 25. The movie is getting a solo release as Akshay has pushed the release date of ‘PaDman’.

‘PaDman’ will now release on February 9.

“My film was going to come on January 25, and ‘Padmaavat’ was also releasing on the same date. I was rehearsing for Filmfare Awards, and Bhansali sir came there and said I have done a lot of films with him, and if I can move my film. See, we are one family and I can understand he has gone through a lot, he has put a lot of money, the studio people have put a lot of money,” Akshay told media persons here.

“I would want ‘Padmaavat’ to release solo and would like to wish him luck,” he said.

The superstar addressed a joint press conference with Bhansali at his residence. Bhansali said he was grateful to Akshay for the gesture.

“Sanjay is a very personal dear friend of mine… He asked for it, so I went for it,” Akshay said.

Asked why ‘Pad Man’ had to shift and not ‘Padmaavat’, Akshay said: “They have a reason to release it this time. It is very essential for them to release it as quickly as possible. So I understand that.

“That could have happened too. But the point is not about fighting or clashing. We both (the films) can easily come on this date because the business will still happen… There are around 5,000 theatres and we both can share it, but at the moment, the stake of their film is much more higher than mine.”

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